Rise of the Runelords

Beneath the Town
"I swear those are ghouls"

You guys are seriously so close to levelling.

Curtains for Tsuto
Bastiat's Fallacy

All y’all get 780 xp.

A Devil of a Time
Save the cows!

Wealday, Rova the 26th, 4707

After receiving a flower anonymously, the group met with Mayor Deverin, Sheriff Hemlock, and Shalelu Andosana (a scout and close friend of Hemlock). She let the party know that the goblin tribes have been coordinating their efforts and that their raiding has become more bold in the last few days. In response to this, Hemlock left town with a few of his guards to request more troops from Magnimar. Shalelu then led the group to the site of one of the raids, which they investigated, but not before being recruited by a local farmer. He claimed his farm was being attacked nightly by the Jersey Sandpoint Devil. The PCs staked out his barn.

Oathday, Rova the 27th, 4707

At about 1 in the morning, goblins snuck into the barn, almost obliterating the party. However, during the scuffle, the Devil did show up, terrifying the group and flying off with a cow.

Desno, Twitch, and Ydrasir spent most of the day moving the farmer back to Sandpoint to protect him, but while they were gone, and elderly halfling woman apprached Wilford and asked him for help; Ameiko had gone missing, leaving only a note behind.

Who's Hungry
Boars, Redheads, and Family Feuds

Moonday, Rova the 24th, 4707

Unable to learn much from the little mite, our adventurers continued to search the Devil’s Platter for the rest of the afternoon. Returning over the site of the mite’s hole, they overcame a carrionstorm that had moved in to feast on the remains. After that, they returned to town, and, after a sampling of the local ale, rested for the night.

Toilday, Rova the 25th, 4707

The next day, Aldern Foxglove approached the heroes, and, as a reward for saving him, bought them all horses and offered to take them on a boar hunt in the Tickwood, which they graciously accepted. Desno, already having a horse, instead received a fine saddle for Pokey. Throughout the ride, Desno sought to prove himself to Aldern (who proved quite interested in Desno’s mysterious origin).

After bringing the boar back to town, Twitch easily succumbed to the advances of the lovely Shayliss Vinder, who invited him in under the classic pretense of rats in the cellar. They were, however, caught almost immediately by her father, Ven Vinder. Twitch escaped, but Ven seemed none too pleased.

Over dinner, Ameiko’s father, Lonjiku Kaijitsu stumbled in, causing quite the fuss. He chided the party for playing hero, before Ameiko and he had an argument, ending in his being clobbered by a ladle and leaving the inn in shame.

The Morning After
Where'd those gobbies go

Sunday, Rova the 23rd, 4707

Father Zantus, immediately following the attack on Sandpoint, found a crypt open and desecrated. Fearing what might wait for him inside, he enlisted the help of Sheriff Hemlock, who in turn asked the adventurers to join him. In the crypt, they found the remains of the late Father Ezakien Tobyn missing, and, in his place, two animated skeletons summoned from a Robe of Bones. Based on the footprints found at the scene, it appears as though the remains were stolen by a troupe of goblins and a single humanoid.

Moonday, Rova the 24th, 4707

The next day, while Ydrasir and Desno explored the town, Wil questioned one Brother Methuselah on the circumstance of Tobyn’s burial, and Twitch attempted to track the thieves, losing their trail a ways down the road. Returning to town, the group decided to investigate the Devil’s Platter, following a hunch after questioning Crabcakes. They encountered a small band of Mites, who they made short work of, capturing one for questioning.

The Swallowtail Festival
The surprise ending is goblins.

Sunday, Rova the 23rd, 4707

On the day of the Autumnal Equinox, Sandpoint held a traditional Swallowtail Festival to commemorate the construction of the new cathedral. Many people had come out to enjoy the festivities, not least of which were Twitch, Ydrasir, Desno, Wilford, and Gregory. After a full day of gaming and feasting, just as the festival was about to draw to a close, goblins sprang out of the woodwork intent on causing mayhem and chaos. Fortunately for the citizens of our little town, the intrepid adventurers were ready and willing to repel the invaders. In the aftermath of the raid, for their assistance taking the goblins down, the party was granted one week of free room and board at The Rusty Dragon.

Dramatis Personae:
Aldern Foxglove, the nobleman
Father Abstalar Zantus, High-Priest of Desna
Mayor Kendra Deverin, Mayor of Sandpoint
Ameiko Kaijitsu, the tavern-keeper
Sheriff Belor Hemlock, Sheriff of Sandpoint
Crabcakes, a captured, hungry little goblin

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