Rise of the Runelords

The Morning After

Where'd those gobbies go

Sunday, Rova the 23rd, 4707

Father Zantus, immediately following the attack on Sandpoint, found a crypt open and desecrated. Fearing what might wait for him inside, he enlisted the help of Sheriff Hemlock, who in turn asked the adventurers to join him. In the crypt, they found the remains of the late Father Ezakien Tobyn missing, and, in his place, two animated skeletons summoned from a Robe of Bones. Based on the footprints found at the scene, it appears as though the remains were stolen by a troupe of goblins and a single humanoid.

Moonday, Rova the 24th, 4707

The next day, while Ydrasir and Desno explored the town, Wil questioned one Brother Methuselah on the circumstance of Tobyn’s burial, and Twitch attempted to track the thieves, losing their trail a ways down the road. Returning to town, the group decided to investigate the Devil’s Platter, following a hunch after questioning Crabcakes. They encountered a small band of Mites, who they made short work of, capturing one for questioning.


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