Rise of the Runelords

Who's Hungry

Boars, Redheads, and Family Feuds

Moonday, Rova the 24th, 4707

Unable to learn much from the little mite, our adventurers continued to search the Devil’s Platter for the rest of the afternoon. Returning over the site of the mite’s hole, they overcame a carrionstorm that had moved in to feast on the remains. After that, they returned to town, and, after a sampling of the local ale, rested for the night.

Toilday, Rova the 25th, 4707

The next day, Aldern Foxglove approached the heroes, and, as a reward for saving him, bought them all horses and offered to take them on a boar hunt in the Tickwood, which they graciously accepted. Desno, already having a horse, instead received a fine saddle for Pokey. Throughout the ride, Desno sought to prove himself to Aldern (who proved quite interested in Desno’s mysterious origin).

After bringing the boar back to town, Twitch easily succumbed to the advances of the lovely Shayliss Vinder, who invited him in under the classic pretense of rats in the cellar. They were, however, caught almost immediately by her father, Ven Vinder. Twitch escaped, but Ven seemed none too pleased.

Over dinner, Ameiko’s father, Lonjiku Kaijitsu stumbled in, causing quite the fuss. He chided the party for playing hero, before Ameiko and he had an argument, ending in his being clobbered by a ladle and leaving the inn in shame.


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