Character Creation

Ability Scores

Heroic-Roll 2d6 and add 6 to the sum of the dice. Record this total and repeat the process until six numbers are generated. Assign these totals to your ability scores as you see fit. This is less random than the Standard method and generates characters with mostly above-average scores.


Any of the races from the Core Rulebook or any featured or uncommon races from the Advanced Race Guide (merfolk is probably a poor choice!)


Anything from the Core book, Advanced Class Guide, or Advanced Player’s Guide. Check with me before choosing an archetype (mostly because I’m curious!). Standard starting wealth.


Select two traits for your character. These may come from the Advanced Player’s Guide or the “Rise of the Runelords” Anniversary Edition Player’s Guide (it’s free!). They have to make sense for your character, so I’ll check them!


Aim for a good/neutrally aligned character. Evil is acceptable as long as it doesn’t put you at odds with the group. Remember, you are heroes! We don’t want any infighting now!
Your adventure begins in the town of Sandpoint just before the Swallowtail Festival; it’s up to you to decide what brought you here. The Player’s Guide should give you enough information on the location for you to make a decision.


Maybe your character believes that the gods are guiding her to righteousness. Maybe she’s convinced all halflings are thieves who should be locked up. Maybe she thinks anything can be achieved with hard work. Your character is a person: come up with three beliefs your character holds. These can change over the course of the campaign. They can be secret from the rest of the party, but not from the DM.

Character Creation

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