Rise of the Runelords

A Devil of a Time

Save the cows!

Wealday, Rova the 26th, 4707

After receiving a flower anonymously, the group met with Mayor Deverin, Sheriff Hemlock, and Shalelu Andosana (a scout and close friend of Hemlock). She let the party know that the goblin tribes have been coordinating their efforts and that their raiding has become more bold in the last few days. In response to this, Hemlock left town with a few of his guards to request more troops from Magnimar. Shalelu then led the group to the site of one of the raids, which they investigated, but not before being recruited by a local farmer. He claimed his farm was being attacked nightly by the Jersey Sandpoint Devil. The PCs staked out his barn.

Oathday, Rova the 27th, 4707

At about 1 in the morning, goblins snuck into the barn, almost obliterating the party. However, during the scuffle, the Devil did show up, terrifying the group and flying off with a cow.

Desno, Twitch, and Ydrasir spent most of the day moving the farmer back to Sandpoint to protect him, but while they were gone, and elderly halfling woman apprached Wilford and asked him for help; Ameiko had gone missing, leaving only a note behind.


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